Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Injuries suck.

I have been struggling over the past few weeks with a bad injury.  It really reared its ugly head to the point of me limping around. It is so frustrating to get an injury when I have such agressive goals.  So, I went to a specialist about a month ago and was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis (awesome).  A sure fire sign of this injury is when you get out of bed and put your weight on your foot, you almost fall over from the pain.   A big huge BOO to this.  So I've been dealing with this very lightly.  I stopped running (almost) and switched to incline brisk walking and it really didn't help the pain factor.  I took two weeks off from exercising to see if that helped, no it didn't just made me feel like crap.  So I got back on the the kick full force last week and yesterday my foot hurt so bad it was burning when I was sitting at my desk.  It felt like a million knives were stabbing at my heel.  I made an appointment and went in and had the doctor take a look.  She ordered x-rays......

 This lovely picture shows a nice heel spur.  I thought well that explains all my pain.  NOPE I WAS WRONG.  I went to the ortho specialist at this office and it turns out that I have plantar fasciitis.  Yep, heel spur is just a calcium growth and the real problem is what the specialist told me a while back.  The underlying problem with this entire injury is the owner of the foot.  :(  Yes I fail at moderation big time.  I was told that I can continue to run, jump, exercise and will not break anything or hurt it worse...I just won't ever get better.  This really sucks.  So, I will have to come up with some new exercise routines until I can shake this injury.  Today, I biked for an hour and have a sore butt and didn't feel gratified with my workout because I wasn't dying at the end.  It's all in my head obviously so I will work it out.  My advice is to listen to your body people, don't do what I do and ignore the pain.

On to bigger and better things.....this picture featured here was a nice surprise from my husband.  He recycled an entire house of cedar siding.  This was a table he made for me out of that siding.  It was inspired by some of the Pinterest pictures that I send to him and ask him to build for me....isn't it cool???  I am feeling the love with this project of his.  :)

Scott and I put urethane on it this weekend and it gave it the aged rustic look that I was wanting.  I absolutely love it and it goes so well with my vision. 

He also made me a small table.....

This is the one that he built to go behind the couch but for now I like it as a wall table.  So talented.

I don't have anything else to add.  Have a good week. 


  1. Sorry about the injuries, you work so hard and it really shows. I also got plantar fascitis a few years ago, when I was trying a little too hard. The good news is that it does go away. I had to commit to bike workouts for a while and to always wearing shoes with inserts and arch supports, even flip flops, never going barefoot. I love seeing your posts about exercise every morning, it's so motivating. I'm tempted to try and join you sometime. Stay strong sister!


  2. Thanks Missy! I'm so angry with myself over this one. I should have listened to the Dr. a month ago and just taken care of myself. Now I am hobbling around. I biked yesterday and I still did my weights...I am really going to have to modify my food intake until my foot heals. I can't continue to eat and expect to not gain weight while I'm not burning the calories. I'm hoping the biking will shock my body. I'm going to try the UAF pool. I'm taking a class this semester so I should have gym access as part of my fees. Hamme doesn't open until 9/16. I know swimming will help. :) I dare you to meet me at the gym at 4:30, I would drop over. :)

  3. Read about your foot ailment.... that sucks. There was a whole list of things you can do (ice, good shoes, night splints) so hopefully your doctor has you doing some of them. Elijah has totally flat feet and they hurt him all the time. A few years back he had special shoe inserts made, but they hurt until your foot gets used to them. Of course, being a teenage boy he refuses so he's always in pain and limping. This is just a bump in the road... you'll be back at it soon.