Thursday, August 2, 2012

Outdoor Family Time

Whirlwind Life!  We have been so busy I’ve neglected my new commitment to blog.  Ooopsy. Last week, I was able to stick to my Pump workouts at lunch and my morning workouts.  I haven’t lost any weight but I don’t expect to right now doing the lifting.  I love this Pump workout because I am seeing tone in my abs and my arms.  It’s AWESOME.  

Last weekend, we had some wonderful family times.  Play It Again Sports was having a sidewalk sale and we picked up a child Kayak for my 8 year old Cody for a whopping $80.00.  We live on the river in town so floating is something we do all summer and I got a taste of kayaking this year and I love it.  Saturday we took the boys floating with just our family unit and it was wonderful.  We finished out the day at a BBQ with some of our best friends. 

Cody in his new kayak, maiden voyage!

Sunday we went out to one of my favorite spots, Angel Rocks.  I have loved hiking out there since I was in high school (over 20 years!!).  I usually try to go out there at least 3 times a year and I’ve slacked there too.  I have to say 50+ pounds heavier last year and the baby at 30lbs I about died hiking to the top.  This year, much lighter and Big D at just over 40 pounds was much easier on me.  Mind you, I was still a hot mess when I got to the top and I did have to stop to calm my heart down on the way up, but I made it and I felt great.  We were pleasantly surprised at the caves to find a plethora of blueberries!  I unloaded the D and we had brought containers with us and we picked berries for about an hour.  I welcomed this break and felt refreshed and my mind rested after just relaxing in nature doing something I love with my family.   We left with a gallon of berries.  Saweet!!  After eating lunch together at the bottom, we loaded up and headed on up the road to Chena Hot Springs.  Google this place, it’s amazing.  We swam with the kids and the adults took turns soaking in the natural outdoor hot springs. I might add the soak was appreciated after hiking 3 miles up and down a mountain with the D on my back! What a fabulous day.  I love it when I get the natural therapy of God’s creation surrounded by my family.  This is the best part of living in Alaska.  It really does surprise me that people live oblivious to their majestic surroundings up here.

The D and I on my ascent up to the caves at Angel Rocks

My family unit on top of the world!

My silly boys outside the caves


That's a gallon of berries ready to go in the freezer

Scott, Christopher and Dalton swimming after our hike

Now back to the Kayaking….we have two boys very close in age which means I’m gonna talk about Christopher the middle child syndrome kid.  He absolutely wanted a kayak after he saw how his brother navigated the river.  I predicted this and made arrangements with his auntie and uncle to buy him one before the sidewalk sale ended for his birthday.  He didn’t know this and on the way home from the Hot Springs started his whining and crying bit about how he was never going to get a kayak.  His dad told him to think positive and maybe there would be one when we got home.  

Elated!  His Auntie Kim and Uncle Jesse are his heros right now. 

So, Scott took the boys out Tuesday evening on Christopher’s maiden voyage.  This is where I will end this update.  We are river rats…but at least we are making the best of our short summers here in the Banks.  J  Food updates to come soon with pictures. 

Christopher navigating the mighty Chena River on his maiden voyage.

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  1. I'm always in awe of how much you get out and enjoy Alaska with your family. We are really missing out. Looks like a fun time and the kayaks are too cool!!